Did you know you can use ShopStyle Collective to monetize your pins? This week Pinterest announced that it is now open to affiliate links again, having blocked some affiliate links in the past due to spam content. Many of you in the ShopStyle Collective community have already been using your Collective links on Pinterest, and if you haven’t, here’s a refresher!

Get the Most Out of Your ShopStyle Collective Pins:

  • Pin visually interesting images from high-commission retailers.
  • Create a consistent visual style with your pins.
  • Follow the advice of one of our top pinners, Cameron Greene, on gaining new Pinterest followers: “Pin from category pages (Women’s Fashion, Food & Drink, etc.) from users that you don’t follow. This is the best way to increase your direct exposure, since a lot of users will want to click on your page after you repin them.”

Pin Using LinkIt
Find the product you want to pin and click the LinkIt bookmarklet. Choose the photo you want to pin and the board you want to pin it to.

Pinterest Linkit ShopStyle Collective

Pin Using ShopStyle Collective Search
Search for the product you want to pin, then click the magnifying glass to open the product detailer window.

Pinterest Search ShopStyle Collective

pinterest shopstyle collective product

Edit an Existing Pin
You could edit an existing pin (for example, an outfit photo from your blog), and add your affiliate link to the product in the photo. First use LinkIt to get the affiliate link to the product you want to feature. Then edit the pin in Pinterest to enter the affiliate link in the website field.

edit this pin shopstyle collective

Stay On Top of Your Pinterest Performance
Remember to use ShopStyle Collective’s analytics to see what’s performing well on Pinterest! Toggle the Pinterest button in your Trends graph to see Pinterest performance and best days to pin and to set conversion goals for yourself.
shopstyle collective pinterest data

Happy pinning!

Eugenia and the ShopStyle Collective Team

2 Comments on Did you know you can earn money on Pinterest?

  1. Kataliya says:

    Thank you for this info! Great for a new blogger.

  2. Cecile says:

    This is a great tool! It will be really helpful for my “Dress like a Parisian” blog, http://etvoila.info.
    Thank you!

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